No matter where you live in Canada, the real estate agent you do business with must be properly licensed under a law known as the Real Estate Services Act. This act, ensures that the person you enlist to help you sell your home has the necessary education and skills for the job, because it’s not as easy as you may think!

One key reason to hire a REALTOR® when selling your home in Victoria, BC, is that it will be our responsibility to deal with the mountains of paperwork to satisfy the myriad of legal requirements that come with dealing in real estate.

Trust Real Estate Agents

REALTORS®, contrary to popular belief, are actually bound by a strict code. Since they are licensed professionals, there are severe consequences if they are caught embellishing the truth or engaging in an outright falsehood. Unlike private sellers, who are not necessarily bound by such ethics, the real estate agent with whom you are dealing with can almost always be trusted.

REALTORS® Understand Contracts and Legal Requirements

Did you know that in 2008 new federal money laundering and anti-terrorist regulations came into effect that affects the paperwork required when buying or selling property? These and many other legal requirements can be tricky to navigate without being trained in them. Likewise, contracts can be confusing to even the most intelligent of people and you risk putting yourself in legal jeopardy if you sign something without being educated on what to look out for.  If you are trying to sell your home by yourself, you may leave out an important part or clause of a contract, in turn, leaving yourself open to a potential loophole which could be exploited by an unscrupulous buyer. By using a REALTOR® you are protecting yourself and your investment!

Crucial Information is Available to REALTORS®

Negotiating with buyers in Victoria, BC to get the right price for your home is an art form unto itself. REALTORS® train for years to be able to craft an attractive price for both the buyer and seller. Along with having the skills to strike deals that both parties like, REALTORS® have access to crucial information that members of the general public generally do not. Things such as selling and buying trends and patterns, average sell price by neighborhood, and other details that change with the wind, are all powerful tools that REALTORS® and their agencies have easy access to. Any prospective seller should take full advantage of this knowledge and maximize their profits!

At the end of the day, we know that your home and property is important to you, and selling it is a big decision. Is it something you are really willing to gamble on? You could be facing an uphill struggle by attempting to sell your home by yourself, with the included risk of unexpected legal fees! With the advent of the internet, many more buyers think they are arming themselves with knowledge, gleaned from websites, videos and apps that are designed to aid them in gaining the advantage in the sale process. However, these resources can be out of date, incomplete, not accurate in your city/province/country, or just plain wrong!

Keep yourself protected when selling your home no matter where you are. Do your homework and hire a REALTOR® or real estate agency that you can trust. Not only can they save you a tremendous amount of stress but they can add a healthy amount to the bottom line of your closed sale.